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Fascinating environments to explore, with over 45 different kinds of people living together in one of the most ancient and diverse cultures in the world, with a history you can see and touch, cuisine you can taste and inhale, and cultural traditions to delight the ear, eye, nose, tongue, even the fingers as you explore the food and fabrics! You will probably find none more experienced and aware than Tiger Tours when facilitating the fulfillment of dreams, or just more prosaic expectations!

Day Out Day Out

When you begin to feel the need for getting away from the workload of daily hustles, be it your job or life in general, it may be time to make an early exit to a day out of Dhaka.Tiger Tours have carefully planned day trips to share with you some of the best bits of ‘real’ Bangladesh.

Thematic Tours Thematic Tours

When visitors contact us they usually have one of two requests, ‘show me real Bangladesh’, or ‘best bits of Bangladesh, please’. We haven’t failed to please! Our experience has led us to develop some of these ‘signature tours’. It’s born of experience, and of a diversity of interests.

Tours by River Tours by River

MV Tanguar Haor, the newly built luxury cruise vessel welcomes you to join the unforgettable adventure of unlocking Bangladesh, moored at Tarabo river port on Shitalakha River. The Shitalakha River is known for its busy riverside industries, bird life and tranquil fishing activities. Meet your fellow travelers at the Welcome drink, as you cruise towards Ghorashal. You will witness a range of unique and mysterious living beings in this water world. You do have the possibility to see the Gangetic Dolphins! The bird-lovers will find it a lovely experience to watch the various types of kingfishers, herons, river seagulls, fishing eagles, whistling teals and many other birds that adorn the trees.

Long Weekends and More Long Weekends and More

Ahhh! ‘Le Weekend’ at last! An early start, but certainly not before dawn! And a great deal of Bangladesh can be unlocked for your exploration. Tea gardens and rivers, palaces and temples, ancient cities and human development works. Then there are the craft workers, weavers, potters, metalworkers, leather... well, you get the idea. You can even chill out on the beach. Packages to suit every interest and budget, all from the young team at Tiger Tours, committed to sustainable tourism.

Tailor-Made Package Tailor-Made Package

From individuals to groups, we are ready to plan a journey in Bangladesh to meet your demands, however specialized. Equally, if you have limited time, we can explore your priorities for travel, and suggest how you can make the most of that time.

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