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Explore the historical trails in and around Manikganj. The meeting point of mighty Padma and Jamuna, the area has several palace ruins all around. Believed to be a part of the southwestern silk route, the area in and around Manikganj has an array of ruins hidden in various places. Clutched in the embrace of the sacred Bodhi tree, the remains of the lone, sacred Shiva Temple seems, almost, to be a metaphor for the archaeology and rich religious history of Bangladesh.
If anywhere in the country can be said to be the pulsing heart, it is surely in Old Dhaka. Bustling with people, tucked away history in the narrow alleys, rickshaw art and so much more....
Situated on the mighty Jamuna, Tangail is an ideal place to visit, to experience a village of local artisans making traditional handicrafts, well preserved grand palace sites and 400 year old Mughal mosque.
Just a two hour drive North of Dhaka, lies a treasure chest of sites including palaces and a brass factory. On this tour, you will meet a craftsman, whose family has been working to revive the 4000 year old vanishing wax method in brass moulding.
Till 1599, Sonargaon was Isa Khan's capital. After Khan's death, under Mughal rule, it became a trade hub for Portuguese, Dutch and French traders. The influence of European architecture is very much visible in the merchant houses on the main street.
The lavish array of riverside pavilions, about 2 hours or so from Dhaka, was aptly named Nawabganj, since it is clear that here dwelt a pretty magnificent family of zamindars, the local ‘rulers’ of areas in Bangladesh under both the Mughals and the British.
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