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An estimated 400 and more, ruined Buddhist Vihara, dating from the lifetime of the Buddha, and rumored to have at least one Ashokan pillar, erected in 3rd Century BCE, by Emperor Ashoka, to mark where the Buddha taught, revealing Bangladesh as the probable cradle of Buddhism, especially Mahayana School, with its yogic and tantric traditions.
8 Days Tour
Islam almost certainly travelled to Bangladesh during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet, and through the trade routes to Central and South East Asia. A 7th Century Mosque marks the earliest evidence of the faith, in what is now the 3rd most populated predominantly Islamic nation, with a rich history that includes Afghan Khilji and Persian Mughal traditions in its liberal Sunni practices. Rich in palaces, schools, mosques, bridges, roads, guest houses and forts of the Islamic periods.
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The evidence of over 3,000 years as a world center of trade and commerce, to explore in one of the most revealing 10 days of a life!

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The rich architectural remains of the Mughal Period in Bangladesh are a unique one. It was Shah Shuja, son of the Immortal Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal, who shifted the capital of ancient Bengal to Dhaka, and his brother, the sixth Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, who had famously referred to the Land of Bengal, literally translated as Bangladesh, as 'the paradise of nations', because of its wealth and trade.
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