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So many of the visible remains of the days when Bangladesh was at the heart of one of the most prosperous areas of Asia, Bengal, are rapidly vanishing, and many are certainly worth visiting before they finally disappear.Paradoxically, perhaps, vestiges and remains of far older civilisations are, at the same time, slowly emerging from the great deltaic soils of the country.
Sylhet is a trekker's paradise- wetland,rainforest,tea gardens, jungle-you name it and it's all there.This is a complete trekking trail, with prospect of elephants, a plethora of wildlife, not to mention a few ponds that are home to some exotic birds.
Take 4 days in the south-east, and make the most of it. The extensive menu includes: travel along the 120 km of the longest natural continuous sea beach, ancient wooden temples, colourful Burmese Markets with local cultured pearls and fabrics, boat trip to Sonadia Island with its silver beaches and turquoise lagoons, surfing and surfing tuition and more...
There is, perhaps, little environment in the world quite as restful as the green carpeted, undulating, tree shaded hills of tea gardens. And Sylhet is a great place to find that peace and tranquillity. But something more chilling lurks. It may strain your humanity, to stand beside the great stone platform with the groove cut down it, standing in the middle of the courtyard of the ruins of Jaintapur Palace, where once human sacrifices were made to collect the blood to propitiate the snake gods of an earlier age.
Much of Bangladesh is seasonally green and fertile deltaic land , but those great plains, interwoven by countless rivers, are framed on the eastern fringes by the hills that are the last, south eastern, echoes of the tectonic collision that threw up the Himalayan range of mountains. The Chittagong Hill Tracts are, of course, the most extensive, and best known, offering extensive opportunities for adventure and trekking, with their colourful population of indigenous peoples.
The trip starts with a tour of Old Dhaka, from where you sail on a paddle steamer down south to commence a magical journey into history and wildlife
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